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An open source, graphical Su Doku generator and solver with printer support.
GNUDoQ is free software, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

- Powerful Su Doku generator
- Su Doku solver
- Puzzle printouts or PDF exports
- Free and open source
- Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

- GNUDoQ on X11 (Linux/KDE Plastik theme)
- GNUDoQ for Windows
- GNUDoQ for Mac OS X
- GNUDoQ OSX package
- Puzzle printout in PDF format

- Windows installer
- Mac OS X disk image (PowerPC/Intel, thanks to Alexis Robert)
- Source code to build the software on any supported platform, including Linux distributions

This program is based on the excellent work of the GNUDoku team, which developed the Su Doku engine behind GNUDoQ. GNUDoku's original authors are:
- Phillip Jordan
- Colin Lewis
- John Spray